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Why do an airbrush temporary tattoo (tats)?
    They are inexpensive, the cost of a tat starts at $5.00.
    They are fun.  
    Tats allow you to express yourself and are painless.                      
Most importantly they are temporary.

How long will a tat last?
The simple answer is several days but can be easily removed at any time.  
There are several factors that determine how long your tat will last.

First, is your skin. Since Just Kiddin' tats are airbrushed on the skin they
will wear off as your skin renews itself.

Second, the location of your tat. Since the tat is on the skin, if it is
located where clothing rubs across it, it will not last as long.        

Third, what type of paint/make up is used. At Just Kiddin' we use alcohol
based body paint which is used for most tats, except when applied to the
hair, face or on small children, then water based make up used.

Airbrush tattoos, hair & face painting can be great fun for birthday
parties, corporate event, family reunions, theme parties or any event.
Airbrush tattoos are fun for kids of all ages!!!!
Just Kiddin' Airbrush Body Art LLC